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Monday, March 14, 2011

Chandelier Bar

Each floor in the parking lot also has a theme. This one was covered in air brush art!

Chandelier bar; Vince sequin top; green J Crew tank top; Forever 21 pleather skirt; BCBG booties and bag; turquoise ring- gift from my mom.

This weekend we went to Vegas's newest club, Marquee. It is located in my favorite hotel in Las Vegas, The Cosmopolitan. This club is as chic and creatively designed as the hotel it resides in. Everything is top notch from the flooring to the lighting to the eclectic choices of furniture. I love the chandelier bar located in the center of The Cosmo. It is three stories high and decadently draped completely with thick ropes of Swarovski crystals. The draping literally is designed to look like you are inside of a chandelier! I also love one of the seating areas located on the upper levels that is conveniently located across from a pool table lounge. The aforementioned seating area consists of vintage furniture, books, and decor. It is the epitome of vintage chic, which leads me to talk about the chic decor housed in Marquee, the club at Cosmo. This club has so many different rooms, each meticulously designed with its very own theme. My favorite room is the "Library".  It has a pool table and is decorated with books. I love my books! You have to check it out for yourself next time you are in Vegas.

Cool walls inside Marquee.

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