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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Closet Next Door

I wanted to pay a brief homage to one of my favorite blogs, The Coveteur, a blog who dedicates their time to interviewing and posting pictures of celebrities closet's so that we can get a taste of how the other half lives.  Thus, I decided to reveal a closet that is logistically obtainable and much more realistic to being "The Closet Next Door".   Therefore, in honor of my blogs' namesake, I have appropriately chosen to name this post"The Closet Next Door".  Catherine, my friend, offered her closet up for my first closet-insider post.  Is it just me, or do you guys also find it so intriguing to take a peek inside other peoples' closets? We all have such uniquely creative outlooks and individualistic fashion sense that it makes "taking a peek" inside so much more interesting.  I hope you enjoy!
You can never have too much cheese or too much wine!  Thanks Catherine!!!

This makes me want to have a closet-makeover.  

You can purchase the plastic shoe totes at Target for less than $2.00/tote.  It creates cleaner lines and allows for more space.  
Steve Madden shoes, BCBG sweater, JCrew necklace

This is a great idea if you would like to preserve the shape of your boots.  Roll a magazine or two and place inside of your boot.  This is also a more economical alternative to purchasing boot shapers.  

Doesn't her bedroom belong inside of an interior design magazine spread?

Every closet deserves chandeliers!!!

Purchase clear plastic jewelry trays at Target for under $6.99 each.  You can also find them at Bed Bath & Beyond with faux velvet lining from $9.99-$19.99.

These wedge tennis shoes are a great alternative for a casual yet trendy look.  

You can purchase these shoes at :

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