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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Downtown Las Vegas

hotel room at the Plaza

F21 cargos, bracelet and necklace, Bebe bag, Vince top, Preview shoes

lobby at the Plaza

bar hopping on Freemont...Downtown Las Vegas

the newest bar downtown

video game "tables" (you have to pay for bottle service and a place to sit at any club in Las Vegas)

video games at the bar

miniature golf inside the Swingers bar located at the Plaza
Beauty bar which was converted from an old hair salon to a bar 

the Freemont Experience where you can zip-line through the crowd if you are looking for some adventure

salvaged sign from the old Aladdin Hotel & Casino

Experience the seedier side of Vegas by spending at least one day downtown. Enjoy a fried Twinkie, bar hop, and zip-line through the crowd.

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  1. Love your pants and your shoes ANd NICE RED PURSE GIRL