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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Birthday Weekend ... Day 1

China date ranch is near Tecopa, California. It's a quaint little farm with a sense of humor ranging from fake alligators and beware sign's to minuscule museums. If you are on your way to Death Valley and would like to enjoy both the richness and the sense of humor that the Mojave desert has to offer, make sure to stop by and taste a plethora of tasty dates at the China Ranch. Also, don't leave without having a date shake!! Who would have thought that ice cream and dates would meld so perfectly.

The dates are covered with recycled clothing before they are harvested to protect them from the birds.

 We stopped by a new Venezuelan food stand located on Las Vegas Blvd. on the way back from the ranch.  I love arepas and Las Vegas was in much need of some Venezuelan sustenance.  (imagine a bread made with corn flour and stuffed with cheese, meat, veggies, and anything else you are in the mood for)

 I really love birthday cake!  I had three birthday cakes starting with carrot, lemon, and cookie cake ending with fried ice cream.
Alexander Wang sweater, Alice + Olivia leather skirt, BCBG booties, Kate Landry bag, DVF bracelet
(the booties and the bracelet were birthday gifts)

...ended the evening with dinner at Gonzalez & Gonzalez located at the New York New York Hotel &  Casino....lively venue, disappointing cuisine....the only tasty things on the menu were the chips & salsa and the fried ice cream....

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