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Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Bar In Town

Rich & Skinny jeans, Mike & Chris leather jacket, Mossimo T, Cole Haan bag, Nina shoes

Last night, we went to a fairly new bar located here in the valley. It is called BAR. It is cleverly named after a UNLV student who was born and raised here, hence the BAR for born and raised. Don't you love that?   They have a bevy of sliders and the decor is something to be desired. I love the quirky and eclectic vibe of their furniture choices. There are multiple seating areas. My favorite has chairs in the center of the bar that are mismatched and paired with an industrial table to anchor them. They are surrounded by great "club like" booths and multiple TV screens. The "BAR" boasts of cool art prints, great bar tables, amazing seating areas, and unexpected touches like Vegas yearbooks to flip through. The food was not amazing, yet decent. The atmosphere more than makes up for the lack of culinary eats.

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